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Melzo (MI)

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OMM Workshop Services

Specializing in metal stamping for 50 years.

In the Melzo (MI) plant, we manage the entire process from customer order to fulfillment.
Through an innovative and efficient computer system, we are able to monitor all industrial costs and progress in immediate time of the product and its quality. All within the timeframe required by the client.


Hot stamping , manual and automatic. The Aloardi family has been specializing since the post-World War II period in hot metal stamping, which makes it possible to obtain high-quality parts through significant deformation of the starting material.

Thanks to our presses, we are able to produce special shapes, even the most complex geometries, depending on the final product we want to obtain. Over the years, the process has been adapted to new technologies and market demands.

Molding still requires a lot of manual labor because some parts need dedicated visual inspection, which machines still cannot provide. This allows us to have an overall view of the work and greater attention to detail.




Mechanical machining is carried out by high-precision transfer and production machines of the best brands, from 3 to 16 units, in order to guarantee the customer the required quality standards.
We are also able to manage in-house the stages of:
assembly metal cleaning electrogalvanic treatments.

We work any ferrous and nonferrous metal with particular specialization in brass, zamak and aluminum alloys, based on designs and drawings provided by customers.


Since 2008, thanks to the creation of a dedicated packaging department within the company, we have been guaranteeing the packaging and customization of the final product according to the customer’s request. This allowed us to complete an autonomous process of managing our outputs from start to finish.

The packaging work is done manually by our employees by conveyor belt. In this way, we are able to constantly keep track of outgoing product sizes and quantities, depending on the actual volume of orders. O.M.M. Srl, among its services, also provides for possible customization of the final packaging.


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